Flow of consciousness

Does anything exist? Other people? Our family and friends? Any of our possessions? Or are they all concepts we have imagined ourselves. For the truth of the matter is that we can only wholly see life from a single perspective – our own.

This concept is almost impossible to reject as completely untrue.
Here are my few counter arguments:
– what about things other people do when we’re not thinking about them. The fact that everyone lives completely independent lives and we can live entirely unaffected by what someone on the other side of the world is doing shows that other living beings do exist. We cannot be imagining things we don’t know – they must be happening. However, this can be countered; how do we know any of that even exists and isn’t also just a figment of our imagination. The only time we can see things in reality is when we come face to face with it, but then how do we know we haven’t imagined it in front of us?
– Without understanding the brain, we cannot assume and definitely assert that everything is a figment of our imagination. If this was so, then we would be able to do absolutely anything we wanted. However, if we happen to be wrong and commit an irreversible, and possibly harmful, act, then it would be impossible to go back.
– What about prison? If one who has a solipsistic view of the world is imagining everything and they commit a crime, why would they submit themselves to imprisonment? This is easily countered; we cannot judge reasons as to why one would take a certain course of action. Another counter is that whilst they may hold a solipsistic view, we do not know whether a solipsistic imagination of the universe as we know it is controllable – whilst we cannot control our thoughts, this could be an entirely self-running reality or surreality.
– Perhaps the subconscious? When we see something and it doesn’t register, but somehow implants into our brains and could affect our actions. This can be seen through subliminal messaging coercion techniques.
At the end of it all, everything we know crosses our minds. Everything we think crosses our minds. And so it seems extremely possible that the world merely exists as our imagination whilst we live, for when we die, from our own perspective, everything has ended. Even if solipsistic theories are false, from a subjective point of view, solipsism is our entire individual reality, however whether it exists on a general scale seems an impossible question to answer.


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