A philosophy of

image from @jayalvarrez

Life is complex. But breaking down the fundamentals, we end up with something of a survival complex. Everything we wish to do in life is to live longer and live better. It is to ensure our own survival. The reason it’s almost paradoxical and ironical is that death is the one thing we are certain of in life. We know we are born. What happens whilst we live is unknown. And then we know that, at the end of it all, we die.

In our desperate attempts to survive, the theory of the food chain is particularly applicable; we are hungry. We want to climb to the top of that food chain. We want to become the ultimate behemoths of consumption. We want it all.
But what use is having everything when it all goes when we die? Well, what about the joyous years you live, having everything? Do those mean nothing? When we watch a film, we know it will end. Yet we still enjoy it whilst it lasts. In a similar fashion, we want to make the most of our lives whilst we’re here.
However, with concepts such as individual freedom clashing with religion, violent tendencies and the fact that we actually live with other, real, living people, makes it so difficult for us to live life completely fulfilled.
I would say we should find contentment within ourselves – it cannot be based on others. We should follow our feelings, the moral, deeply intrinsic values that stops us (unfortunately in today’s day and age I must add, most of us sane people) from going on murderous rampages.
We cannot live life imposing on others.
We cannot live life chasing money, a man made object.
We cannot live life unless we find out what our individual purpose is.
Personally, I find that mine is capturing moments of life and different perspectives, and sharing it with other people – whether it be through words or pictures.
Follow the feelings.


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